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Über Viktoria Slobodina

She fell in love with opera music and started developing her skills as a musician when she was only eight years old.

She fell in love with opera music and started developing her skills as a musician when she was only eight years old.

Viktoria Slobodina is a young lyric soprano from Saint-Petersburg. Currently based in Vienna.

For the last 6 years Viktoria has been living in Vienna and studied under a famous ukrainian soprano Victoria Loukianetz in Prayner and Franz-Schubert-Conservatory. Thereafter, she became an apprentice of a famous tenor - Bojidar Nikolov. Currently, she continues her musical education in “Konservatorium für Kirchenmusik”. Among her other achievements, she won an honorable mention at the “Vienna New Year’s Concert International Music Competition 2019 and 2021”. Viktoria works in collaboration with the “Imperial Vienna Orchestra” project, where she performs as the lead singer at various concerts. In April 2021 she took part in one of the biggest online festivals for classical musicians “Nextus Festival” where she presented her creative programm “Six sides of the dice”. From June 2021 she is a member of the musicians community “Online Music Guild”, where she presented her solo concert “Lied vs Arie”. She also performs in Benefiz concerts for Ukraine, for instance, a concert in Palais Auersberg.

She takes part in different master classes organized by highly skilled singers and teachers: KS Eva Randova, Regine Köbler, Jurgen Hartfiel, Maestro Antonio Carangelo, Martin Vacha etc.

Viktoria has six years of experience as a music teacher. She has been teaching music at Meridian Private School for the last five years. She also teaches and manages her own music classes, working with children, some of whom are only two years old, and adults alike. Some of her students are winners of the Music Theory Olympic Games and other vocal competitions. Additionally, she organizes winter and summer concerts for her students. She is always working on improving her skills, tries out new methodology and has a personal approach to her students. Viktoria believes that her main goal in teaching is to discover and preserve the love of music.

Currently Viktoria makes a charity project for Ukrainian refugee children, where she offers pro bono music lessons in cooperation with “maba sozialraum” in Vienna, Austria.


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